Access Panel – Inspection Hatch – Revision Door – For 200 x 200 mm Opening

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Access Panel ? 200 x 200 mm Opening

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Use: This panel with aesthetic and functional design can be used as an openable cover for various structural openings, passages and shafts.

Choose whether the panel opens to the left or right.

The panel has an eccentrically located hinge to allow its maximum opening.

Size refers to the opening size in your wall so the actual dimensions of the unit will be larger and these dimensions can be seen in the diagram picture.

Material: ASA plastic with high UV radiation resistance.

Installation: Unpack the panel and remove it from its frame. Set the frame into a structural opening using cement, silicone or bolts. The frame must keep its shape without deformation. Make sure it is installed flush with the wall. Let the frame harden in the wall and then install the panel. After the frame is installed you can choose whether the panel opens to the left or right.