Backdraft Shutter / Coupler – For Ducting – (8 Pack) – Fans – 100mm 4″ Round PVC – Vent – Back Draft

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Backdraft Shutter / Coupler – For Ducting – (8 Pack) 100mm

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100 mm (4″) Connector with back draft damper for round ducting

This Anti-Back draft Coupler can be used In line with ducting etc to prevent drafts entering the vented room whilst still allowing vented air to be exhausted when the fan is working.

In addition: Will reduce heat loss when room is not being extracted. Prevent animals entering through the ducting. Work as a normal coupler to join to lengths of ducting. Reduce noise’s and smells from entering through ducting

Application: Supply and exhaust ventilation of various premises.

Connection of same diameter air ducts.

Design Made of white plastic with a white or grey flap.

Equipped with a backdraft damper for back flow prevention.

Designed for direct installation into air duct and can be secured with lock ring or or suitable tape such as duct tape or aluminium tape.

Connecting diameter: 100 mm. See product schematic for more information.