Flexible Corrugated Tubing – 50 Meter Roll -Twin Wall – Trunking Conduit 40mm OD

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Flexible Corrugated Tubing – 50 Meter Roll

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Flexible Corrugated Tubing – 50 Meter Roll -Twin Wall – Trunking Conduit 40mm OD Flexible Corrugated Tubing – 50 Meter Roll –

Twin Wall with pull through line Outside diameter – 40mm (O/D) Inside diameter – 32mm I/D Length – 50 Meter roll.

More Information This Flexible twin walled tubing is designed for running cables underground and has a piece of line already pre installed so the user can attach a cable or other item to it so it can be pulled through easily.

For example if you wanted to run a lenght of cable to a outbuilding the trunking can be burried underground and the new line pulled through to the outbilding.

The trunking is Halogen free & has fire reation class of A1 and a compaction rating of 450 N/20 Cm and is rated IP40 (IP67 if used with a Sealing ring not provided)

The premium double wall ensure extra protection and durability.

Please note this tubing is designed to be covered or burried for long life. Although very durable prelonged exposure to direct sunlight may cause the plastic to deteriate over time.

The pulll though line is usually a metal line or suitable plastic cord.

Please note *One end of the tubing is fitted with a coupler for connecting two tubes. * A suitable qualified person should be consulted for correct and safe installation and use. The information contained here has been taken from the manufacturers product database and may contain errors that we are not aware of so a suitable qialified person should undertake to fully confirrn all the details for their own piece of mind.