Mouse Trap – Humane Type, Metal (2 Pack Type A) Wire, Re-usable & Ability to see mouse In Trap

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Humane Mouse traps for catching Mice humanely.

Trap size: Approx 115 mm x 55 mm x 55 mm when closed

These Traps are a tried and tested way to catch mice and are made of strong wire mesh and metal so cannot be chewed though unlike many plastic models.

The simple design’s allows for the maximum airflow to circulate through the wire mesh compartment attracting the mouse to a small piece of cheese or bread that Is placed Inside.

Type A

The Mouse enters through the precisely sized one way hole that Is on the top of the unit. Once the mouse enters the unit It Is unable to return back through the entrance due to the tapered one way design of the wire mesh entrance. Freeing the mouse Is carried out by simply sliding the metal pivoting door at the base of the unit whilst avoiding any actual contact. There’s no mechanisms to set or false alarms and Pets such as Dogs and Cats are unable to trigger or eat the bait.

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