Quality Swivel Tap Aerator Water Saver – From Germany (By Wasserfix)

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Quality Swivel Tap Aerator Water Saver

Origin: Germany (By Wasserfix)

Type: Metal Joint with swivel

Make up: Metal / Plastic

Swivelable Kitchen and Bathroom Sink Aerator

Adjustable from a pleasing bubble stream to a powerful cleaning jet stream.

The swivel area is a full 360 Degree.

Substantial water savings compared with existing water aerators.

The special composition of materials in WasserFixᆴ makes it less susceptible to quick calcification.

Once fitted to a standard Kitchen sink tap this Swivel Tap aerator will allow the direction of the Kitchen sink water spray to be angled to the desired location In your bowl.

Also the quality aerator will reduce water consumption saving you money on your water bills and helping the environment.

Simply unscrew your old standard aerator and screw in this one.

Cleaning of WasserFixᆴ is very easy.

Should there be any calcium build-up on WasserFixᆴ, simply place it in a light vinegar solution to de-calcify. Sand or dirt particles from your water line will be filtered out by the fine built-in sieve of WasserFixᆴ, which can easily be removed for cleaning under flowing water from your tap