Rubber Washers PTFE Tape for Washing Machine, Shower Hose More 15x Mix Pack *

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15 Assorted Washers for use In most situations

In diameters of 14mm, 17mm & 24mm ( -0.5mm) & 1 x Role of PTFE tape (10m x 12mm x 0.1mm)

For wrapping around threaded parts of fittings to create a watertight seal.

*Made from a drinking water grade hybrid plastic with rubber like qualities but with the added benefit of a higher resistance to drying and temperature deformation that often occurs from standard rubber washers.

They fit many products such as: Washing Machine Water Inlet Hose Dishwasher Water Inlet Hose Shower Handset (Both Ends) Plumbing fittings In above sizes

Made of a durable flexible rubber material that Is superior to the alternative paper based types.

Also used In 3/8inch 1/2inch & 3/inch fittings such as brass fittings or other Imperial referenced Connectors or Fittings

* Please note the imperial size quoted does not reflect the actual washer diameter but is more a reference to the washer required for that imperial fitting (Usually the inner diameter)

These washers will allow maximum water flow to pass though past the washer unlike some poorly designed washers that can reduce the flow.

Thickness approx: 2mm

Supplied: 5 x 13.5mm o/d x 10mm i/d x 2mm thick Washers 5 x 18.5mm o/d x 11mm i/d x 2mm thick Washers 5 X 24.0mm o/d x () i/d x 2mm thick Washers 1 x Role of PTFE Tape

** Dimensions as per sample measured (Please allow for some small /- tolerance. For example 18.5mm could be 18.6mm, 11mm could be 10.7mm on some samples)