Intelligent radiator valve – Radio link with NVS-THERMOSTAT – Temperature control per room – Universal valve adapters – Compatible with TUYA Smart – Compatible with Alexa and Google assistant

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Intelligent radiator valve – Radio link with NVS-THERMOSTAT – Temperature control per room – Universal valve adapters – Compatible with TUYA Smart – Compatible with Alexa and Google assistant

Nivian Smart thermostatic valve, for boiler circuit water radiator.

Controls the temperature of individual rooms, working in conjunction with the NVS-THERMOSTAT.

Simple installation, without draining the water or intervening in the radiator circuit, simply by replacing the thermostatic valve attached to the metal body of the radiator valve.

Universal compatibility with most existing thermostatic (non-manual) radiator valves due to different adapter threads. To identify the type of existing valve, the appearance of the valve must be observed, since thermostatic valves differ from manual valves because they have some kind of scale of values or steps in their turning positions and a fixing thread to be able to be separated from the valve body, while manual valves are simple handles that indicate opening or closing with turning directions and do not incorporate any fixing thread.

The intelligent valve or eTRV, communicates via radio with the NVS-THERMOSTAT’s HUB communication center, to be able to operate from the app, so it is necessary to have this product previously.

The most outstanding features of this solution are:

  • Long range via radio (80 m open space) to be installed on any radiator in the room.
  • Stable communication.
  • Battery operation, no need for power outlets.
  • Low consumption, average autonomy 1.5 years.

The functions that we can find in the intelligent valve are:

  • LCD display with temperature indicator, date/time, battery, programming and mode.
  • Push-button panel of 3 keys and rotary knob.
  • 5 control modes for adjusting room temperature
  • Automatic programming, with 5 default periods, extendable to 9.
  • Hourly, daily, weekly or full week programming.
  • Fast temperature drop detection (open window).
  • Anti-frost modes / Rapid heating / Comfort / Energy saving.
  • Lock function to prevent accidental adjustment (children).
  • Automatic weekly descaling.
  • Correct installation detection.

The Tuya Smart app offers compatibility with the largest platform of existing Smart Home devices, including Nivian Smart products.

Configuration is simple and intuitive at 2 single steps thanks to the Tuya Smart cloud.

Thanks to the Tuya Smart cloud, the possibilities of automated control and management increase exponentially:

  • Remote temperature management.
  • Manual, automatic or vacation mode operation.
  • Intelligent programming capability.
  • Actions linked to the GPS positioning of the mobile user.
  • Weather-related actions (integrated server)
  • Creating smart scenes by interacting with other Smart Home devices.

Additionally, the Tuya app is compatible with Google and Amazon Alexa voice assistants, with which you can activate devices and scenes through convenient voice commands.

BrandNivian – Nivian Smart
CommunicationRF 868 MHz
Setting temperature range5 C ~ 29.5 C
Step of the adjustment increment0.5 C
PowerAA Batteries 1.5 V x 2 units (included)
UseInterior. Protection IP20.
Temp. operation-10 C ~ +40 C
Dimensions60 mm (H) x 59 mm (W) x 100 (D) mm
Weight183 g
  • Smart valve
  • Installation adapters
  • 2 AA batteries 1.5 V
  • Installation quick guide

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